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This website seeks to provide information about events in Scotland and what is going on. The purpose is also to promote political activity in Scotland for campaigns or events in Scotland particularly, but not exclusively, of a socialist nature. Direct political action in the community should be encouraged to fight for change in capitalist society.  The Events Calendar is regualrly updated about socialist or cultural activities taking place in Scotland. 

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Annual Bannockburn Rally
Saturday 21st June 2014
1.30pm Mayfield Centre
 (row of wee shops) 
Bannockburn village, 
facing Borestone Bar.

March from Roundabout
 on to Glasgow Road to 
field facing 1320 Inn
 for speakers.
Scoriach. 1314 Inn. 
Fiery Jack and others. 
Tickets £5, Children Free.
Bus 10.45 am from North 
Hanover St, George Square, 
Glasgow. £10 Children Free.
Pick up at Alexandria Station 
Car Park. 11.20 am
Leave 1314 Inn at 7-ish.


There is a ceilidh in the 

Tartan Arms in the village 
of Bannockburn afterwards. 
Those wishing to attend will 
have to make their own 
transport arrangements as it 
would be too costly hiring 
the coach to come back.


(Please note, this event has

 nothing to do with the 
Bannockburn Live which 
will be held on the following 
weekend of June 28/29.)
Annual John MacLean 
Commemoration Rally 
Sunday November 28 2014
Full details to follow
- See more at: https://www.scottishrepublicansocialistmovement.org/Pages/SRSMEvents.aspx




White Rose duo



Scottish Workers Republic - Latest Edition

05/10/2011 14:04
  Scottish Workers Republic - Latest Edition   Hi All   The latest edition of the Scottish Workers Republic the journal for the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement is now available for purchase. This is a bumper 32 page post election special and...

Advertise your Scottish event here

30/08/2011 13:51
To advertise your event on this website please do not hesitate to contact me at redlarry1962@googlemail.com All posts here are about socialist events or cultural happenings in Scotland. Slainte Larry

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM)

04/08/2010 02:07
Here is the SRSM website for those who want to engage in political activity such as attending Scottish Events and worthwhile Commemorations: scottishrepublicansocialistmovement.org SRSM also have a Forum @ scottishrepublicans.myfreeforum.org  

New SNP Supporters Group

04/08/2010 01:51
SNP Supporters Group   I have been looking for an active SNP supporters group in Yahoo Groups and have not found one so I have started my own. It is as follows; News and Debate Forum for members and supporters of the Scottish National Party. Scottish Republicans and socialists are...

Members wanted for Scottish Socialist Freedom Project

08/06/2008 20:55
uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/scotsocialistfreedom/   The Scottish Socialist Freedom Project are looking for interested individuals to join the discussion group to debate matters of interest in Scottish socialist politics and cultural matters. Click on the link above and blue join button and...


Petition against Masonic Secrecy in Scottish Judiciary

26/08/2013 06:50
https://www.scottish.parliament.uk/GettingInvolved/Petitions/judgesmasonregister   From: Tom Minogue [mailto:tomminogue@btinternet.com] Sent: 25 August 2013 20:16 To: 'redlarry1962@gmail.com' Subject: Judges Mason Register  Hi, I am currently petitioning the Scottish...

IRSN Solidarity Statement re Glencoe

12/02/2013 19:20
  Solidarity Statement from the IRSN to the SRSM's Annual Glencoe Commemoration The comrades of the International Republican Socialist Network take this opportunity to convey our greetings of solidarity to the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement and the Scottish working class in its...

Challenges for Republican Socialists and the Left

03/12/2012 14:10
Challenges for Republican Socialists and the Left   One of the reasons for wanting independence is that it changes the constitutional arrangement in Scotland. This would be good for democracy as a whole. Also a change in the make up of Scottish politics would be good with political...

Graveside Oration, John MacLean Commemoration Nov 25 2012

03/12/2012 14:05
I am Alan Stewart. I am a member of the Northern England branch/commun of the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement. I welcome you to this John MacLean Commemoration. John MacLean is talked of as Scotland's favourite Socialist Saint. But why is he so important? Why did we commemorate him? Why do...

On the new article about John MacLean published by SRSM

19/09/2011 18:25
  New article on John MacLean presented by SRSM An article written on the fiftieth anniversary of MacLean’s tragic death in 1923 is now available to read on the SRSM website.  It is hard to imagine the influence that John MacLean held over the ordinary workers and that 40,000...

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Total votes: 179


John MacLean
John MacLean, Scotland’s favourite Socialist ‘Saint’, died, aged 44, on St. Andrew’s Day November 30 1923, broken in health but not in spirit. He died of pneumonia after suffering hard labour in Peterhead Prison, force feeding and poverty through loss of his teaching job. It was typical of the man that he gave his only overcoat to a black Jamaican comrade in his final winter years.
Born on August 24 1879, in Pollokshaws, then a busy industrial town in Renfrewshire near Glasgow, he was the sixth child of working class parents who were themselves victims of the Highland Clearances. His father, Daniel was born in Mull and his mother, Anne MacPhee, in Corpach, a small village in the shadow of Ben Nevis. His daughter and biographer, Nan Milton, who died in 1996, told how ‘Wee Johnnie’ was told from his mother’s knee of the depredations of the Highland Clearances, forcing crofters off the Land to the Industrial Lowlands or to be scattered round the globe.
His background coupled with his zeal for social justice led him to study Marx and struggle for world revolution. Marx’s harrowing description of the Highland Clearances may have been ignored by the very English left, then and now, but was not lost on MacLean and his followers. "But what the ‘clearing of estates’ really and properly signifies, we learn only in the promised land of modern romance, the Highlands of Scotland. There the process is distinguished by its systematic character, by the magnitude of the scale on which it is carried out at one blow (in Ireland landlords have gone to the length of sweeping away several villages at once; in Scotland areas as large as German Principalities are dealt with), finally by the peculiar form of property, under which the embezzled lands were held. The Highland Celts were organised in clans, each of which was the owner of the land on which it was settled. The representative of the clan, its chief or ‘great man’, was only the titular owner of this property."
Karl Marx, ‘Capital’ Chapter XXV11 ‘Expropriation of the Agricultural Population from the Land’.
His disillusionment with the London based, and orientated English left, led to his clash with the leadership namely the Social Democratic Federation led by the aristocratic HM Hyndman. Hyndman supported a larger navy and armed forces leading to the First World War. MacLean argued that this would lead to the break up of International workers solidarity as German, Russian etc, socialists were opposed to workers taking part in the Imperialist war between the German Kaiser and his cousin the English King. 
He told workers at his mass socialist, anti- war rallies that if they wanted to fight a Hun to go and fight the English King. He also commented to Ulster Unionists that England went to war to defend Catholic Belgium against Protestant Germany and sent the Ulster Volunteer force to their deaths by using them as canon fodder, as they did with Scots troops.
He supported his friend, Edinburgh born James Connolly, in his struggle for an Irish Workers Republic. English/British socialists then, as now, did not understand Connolly’s stand in the 1916 Irish Rebellion. Labour MPs cheered in the House at the news of the wounded James Connolly’s execution while he was strapped to a chair. Lenin described James Connolly’s Irish Citizen Army as the "first Red Army in Europe".

In recognition of his principled stand against the mass slaughter of ordinary people in the First World War the Bolsheviks elected MacLean an Honorary President of the First All Russian Congress of Soviets, along with Lenin, Trotsky, Liebknecht, Adler, and Spiridonova, which was ecstatically received on his beloved Clyde. Early in January, Maxim Litvinov, Russian Ambassador in Britain, sent these instructions to MacLean: ‘ I am writing to their Russian Consul in Glasgow informing him of your appointment and ordering him to hand over to you the Consulate. He may refuse to do so, in which case you will open up a new Consulate and make it public through the press. Your position may be difficult somehow, but you will have my support ... It is most important to keep me informed ( and through me the Russian Soviets) of the Labour Movement in North Britain’. MacLean opened the new Consulate at 12 South Portland Street, Gorbals, Glasgow, which, of course was not recognised by the British Government. The Post Office refused to deliver mail to that address or title. He was refused a visa to visit Russia under this auspice. He could have travelled illegally, but made a principled stand. Willie Gallagher a syndicalist shop steward took the opportunity to meet Lenin, a mistake for MacLean.

Gallagher was instrumental in setting up the Communist Party of Great Britain with Moscow Gold, a move opposed by MacLean on several counts. He knew Lenin did not understand Scotland, calling him "MacLean of England" and objected to many of the characters calling themselves "communists" on the new Central Committee. Newly released records show that at least two were British Intelligence agents and one a double Soviet agent for Britain.

MacLean stood for a separate Scottish Communist Party, earning him the everlasting vilification of the British Nationalist left. All the British biographies, articles and pamphlets on him acknowledge his internationalism but from this point on declare him "insane". Their reasoning is not hard to understand. To this day they will declare that any Scot who does not wish to be ruled from London must be insane, fascist, racist etc. Any slander will do. For evidence of MacLean’s "paranoia" they cite the word of prison warders and intelligence agents paid to watch him round the clock. Also the word of two prison doctors are good enough for these revolutionaries to prove his "insanity". Prison doctors today, let alone in these heady days, are not noted for their liberalism or ineffectiveness.

MacLean’s wife and other visitors believed he was drugged and were shocked by his physical condition. He had refused to take prison food in that belief and was forcefully fed. There is nothing new in using drugs to control prisoners, patients etc and even experimenting with mind drugs, here and abroad. According to recently released records the head of military intelligence, Basil Thompson, knew MacLean was not insane, but believed him to be the most dangerous man in Britain and said two years earlier that he would smear him, and Sylvia Pankhurst, by spreading rumours about their sanity. Sylvia Pankhurst supported MacLean in his Gorbals election campaign when he stood as a Scottish Workers Republican candidate. They both kicked the doors of the Glasgow City Chambers. 
Later Stalin was to declare countless political "deviants" insane for disagreeing with his party line. Today Great British Stalinists and English Trot Nats unite in persisting with this rumour in defence of their United Kingdom. Today MacLean is proven correct in that the CPGB collapsed without their Moscow gold. The Labour Party first founded in Scotland on a ‘Home Rule All Round Programme’ reneged upon winning each election. Ramsay MacDonald was London Treasurer of the ‘Scottish Home Rule Association", founded in 1888. Atlee supported Scottish home rule till his election, then declared it impracticable, as did Churchill and many others. Labour voted down their own Scottish Devolution Bill in 1979, led by Brian Wilson, now a Scottish Office Minister, whose ‘Scotland is British Campaign’ had the support of the CBI, Chamber of Commerce, Economic League, Aims of Industry, Adam Smith Institute and Billy Connolly, the Royalist comedian. The Labour Party in Scotland changed its name to the Scottish Labour Party, though it does not own any property and still must take its orders from the British Labour Party in London.

Donald Dewar, First Minister of the devolved Scottish Parliamnet, introduced a Scottish Parliament Bill that has gone further than many expected, though not as far as many would have liked. The founding Labour policy, of Scottish Home Rule, at the beginning of this century may come full circle at the end of this century with demands within the Labour Party for complete autonomy from the London party.

I Accuse! I Accuse!
The spectre of Clydeside International and Scottish Republican Socialist, John MacLean, may come back to haunt us all yet. 
Information about John MacLean’s records ignored or "missed" by the British Nationalist "left", supplied by Dr Jas D Young of Falkirk who will publish his revelations soon and by Graham Bain of Elgin and Jim Clayson of London, who will soon be publishing a new book on John MacLean.

John MacLean: Biographical Note - John Broom M.A.

More about the life of John MacLean Scottish Republican Revolutionary

19/09/2011 17:56
  Hi I received an email this afternoon from the good people of SRSM as follows; The above titled article is now available to be read at the link below from the SRSM website. This article was first published in 1967 in the Scottish Vanguard before the author...

John MacLean: In Memory

New Article on John MacLean courtesy of SRSM

18/09/2011 01:01
  Hi All, New article now available to be read at the SRSM website on the link below.This article was written by Peter Berresford Ellis in 1973 and has featured in a few publications over the years. https:// scottishrepublicansocialistmov ement.org/ SRSMArticlesJohnMacLeanInMemor...

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