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Petition against Masonic Secrecy in Scottish Judiciary

26/08/2013 06:50   From: Tom Minogue [] Sent: 25 August 2013 20:16 To: '' Subject: Judges Mason Register  Hi, I am currently petitioning the Scottish...

IRSN Solidarity Statement re Glencoe

12/02/2013 19:20
  Solidarity Statement from the IRSN to the SRSM's Annual Glencoe Commemoration The comrades of the International Republican Socialist Network take this opportunity to convey our greetings of solidarity to the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement and the Scottish working class in its...

Challenges for Republican Socialists and the Left

03/12/2012 14:10
Challenges for Republican Socialists and the Left   One of the reasons for wanting independence is that it changes the constitutional arrangement in Scotland. This would be good for democracy as a whole. Also a change in the make up of Scottish politics would be good with political...

Graveside Oration, John MacLean Commemoration Nov 25 2012

03/12/2012 14:05
I am Alan Stewart. I am a member of the Northern England branch/commun of the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement. I welcome you to this John MacLean Commemoration. John MacLean is talked of as Scotland's favourite Socialist Saint. But why is he so important? Why did we commemorate him? Why do...

Scottish Workers Republic - Latest Edition

05/10/2011 14:04
  Scottish Workers Republic - Latest Edition   Hi All   The latest edition of the Scottish Workers Republic the journal for the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement is now available for purchase. This is a bumper 32 page post election special and...

On the new article about John MacLean published by SRSM

19/09/2011 18:25
  New article on John MacLean presented by SRSM An article written on the fiftieth anniversary of MacLean’s tragic death in 1923 is now available to read on the SRSM website.  It is hard to imagine the influence that John MacLean held over the ordinary workers and that 40,000...

More about the life of John MacLean Scottish Republican Revolutionary

19/09/2011 17:56
  Hi I received an email this afternoon from the good people of SRSM as follows; The above titled article is now available to be read at the link below from the SRSM website. This article was first published in 1967 in the Scottish Vanguard before the author...

New Article on John MacLean courtesy of SRSM

18/09/2011 01:01
  Hi All, New article now available to be read at the SRSM website on the link below.This article was written by Peter Berresford Ellis in 1973 and has featured in a few publications over the years. https:// scottishrepublicansocialistmov SRSMArticlesJohnMacLeanInMemor...

Advertise your Scottish event here

30/08/2011 13:51
To advertise your event on this website please do not hesitate to contact me at All posts here are about socialist events or cultural happenings in Scotland. Slainte Larry

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM)

04/08/2010 02:07
Here is the SRSM website for those who want to engage in political activity such as attending Scottish Events and worthwhile Commemorations: SRSM also have a Forum @  
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