Scottish Workers Republic - Latest Edition

05/10/2011 14:04
  Scottish Workers Republic - Latest Edition   Hi All   The latest edition of the Scottish Workers Republic the journal for the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement is now available for purchase. This is a bumper 32 page post election special and...

Advertise your Scottish event here

30/08/2011 13:51
To advertise your event on this website please do not hesitate to contact me at All posts here are about socialist events or cultural happenings in Scotland. Slainte Larry

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM)

04/08/2010 02:07
Here is the SRSM website for those who want to engage in political activity such as attending Scottish Events and worthwhile Commemorations: SRSM also have a Forum @  

New SNP Supporters Group

04/08/2010 01:51
SNP Supporters Group   I have been looking for an active SNP supporters group in Yahoo Groups and have not found one so I have started my own. It is as follows; News and Debate Forum for members and supporters of the Scottish National Party. Scottish Republicans and socialists are...

Members wanted for Scottish Socialist Freedom Project

08/06/2008 20:55   The Scottish Socialist Freedom Project are looking for interested individuals to join the discussion group to debate matters of interest in Scottish socialist politics and cultural matters. Click on the link above and blue join button and...