On the new article about John MacLean published by SRSM

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New article on John MacLean presented by SRSM

An article written on the fiftieth anniversary of MacLean’s tragic death in 1923 is now available to read on the SRSM website. 

It is hard to imagine the influence that John MacLean held over the ordinary workers and that 40,000 Scots followed the funeral cortege of John MacLean, to Eastwood Cemetery,
He quite rightly denounced the 1914 War of his day as an imperialist war whichLenin and Connolly were to do.

He also recognised the importance of the 1916 uprising in Ireland and understood the fundamental importance of independence to create a social independence or revolution.
It is inspiring that he made efforts to establish an Scottish Communist Party to lead the masses to a Scottish Workers Republic.. That national and social independence were not conflicting ideals to him but rather two parts of one basic democratic outcome. Early in 1923 he formed the Scottish Workers Republican Party.
At least the Irish experience and teachings of James Connolly were to feature in his mind and in his brand of Scottish Republicanism.
Many of the outcomes of the previous Centuries which featured, still stand true today. A significant desire for National independence among many Scots and consider the use of Scottish troops by London in pointless wars created and sustained by British imperialism. And the attacks by British communists on the pro-independence left.
What is revealing is the honesty and integrity of John MacLean who understood that we should support the Irish striking out for national independence while such men and women also having common cause for a Scottish Communist Republic.
In short he recognised that we are all gaels, that is the Scots and Irish, and as men and women of clans should stand in solidarity with each other.
At 44 John MacLean died young as a result of the barbaric system which incarcerated him. However his inspiration and writings live on in all of us and his significance for future generations will undoubtedly live on.
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new article now available to be read at the SRSM website on the link below.This article was written by Peter Berresford Ellis in 1973 and has featured in a few publications over the years.


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