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This website hopes to encourage activists in Scotland to become involved in direct political action within all communities in Scotland.  Scottish Republican Socialist News is a communications medium which will spread the message of community action on issues from decent public housing to opposition to nuclear weapons.    

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The Scottish Socialist Freedom Project encourages political participation on the web and political activity in the community. Scottish Republican Socialist News can assist with this website.


This website supports the aims of the SRSM also

And as well as linking to the SRSM there are links also to my blog Scottish Republic


To support this internet community activity or to have your event publicised here email me at


Yours for Scotland

Larry Morton

Independent Republican Socialist


Scottish Links


Bella Caledonia

Clann an Drumma

Crann Tara

John MacLean

John MacLean Speeches & Articles

Na Fir Dileas

Patriotic Clothing

Proud Clothing

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

Civil Liberties & Human Rights 

Scottish National Party

Scottish Patriots

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement

Siol Nan Gaidheal

SRSM Forum

SRSM Northern England Branch SRSM Northern England Cummann are looking for new members contact: Robbie  07748 168916 or Alan 07949 668725

SRSM Webshop

Ted Christopher

The Society of William Wallace

The Trybe

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